Members of Newstate can draw on more than 30 years’ experience of advising governments, central banks and other clients on a variety of high profile and transformational transactions in addition to ongoing financial issues.

We provide advice and assistance in addressing unfamiliar circumstances and situations while reinforcing the capabilities of government officials or corporate officers. Our advice is free from the conflicts of interest that may arise from placing or trading debt and/or currencies or holding other financial interests.

Funding Strategies and Public Debt Management

• Formulation of debt strategy
• Evaluation of financing proposals and alternatives
• Evaluation of derivative structures and transactions
• Diversification of funding sources
• Negotiation of new credits

Credit Ratings and Investor Relations

• Development of investor relations programmes
• Dialogue with investors
• Strategies for enhancing relations with rating agencies
• ECA risk rating advice

Liability Management

• Prepayment/buy-back of Paris Club liabilities
• Evaluation of commercial debt buy-back and exchange offer proposals
• Hedging and refinancing strategies
• Debt conversion schemes

Intrastructure Financing

• Identification and ranking of strategic priorities, investment requirements and constraints
• Identification of financing options
• Evaluation of alternative approaches against objectives
• Implementation of financing

Contingency Planning

• Review and analysis of contingent liabilities
• Stress scenarios for budget and balance of payments
• Monitoring of broad contingent liabilities

Sovereign Wealth Management

• Establishment and institutional framework
• Corporate governance
• Strategic asset allocation

Crisis Prevention and Resolution

• Resolution of banking sector crises
• Advice on negotiations with multilateral institutions
• Economic stabilisation programmes
• Corrective actions

Public Sector Debt Restructuring

• Debt owed to Paris Club government creditors
• Debt owed to non-Paris Club government creditors
• Debt owed to bondholders, commercial banks and trade suppliers
• Domestic debt